How to impress a client?  Tips from CEO, Dorothy Danahy

Dorothy Danahy is President and CEO of Dorothy Danahy SAS. Here she offers her advice on how to impress a client, and what to avoid doing during an interview.

How should you prepare for an interview with a client?

DOROTHY: “You really need to get as much information as possible before you step in to the interview room; google the client, the company, look at their website and find out about the people you will be meeting. This is very possible nowadays because of our access to LinkedIn and other social networks such as Viadeo. You have to be well prepared knowing who you’re going to be meeting and what the company is all about.”

Which characteristics are good to demonstrate during an interview?

DOROTHY: “First of all, you have to show them that you have great enthusiasm for the job you’re applying for. We’ll provide you with a lot of information about the job, before you arrive at the interview, and you’ll have a chance to show this enthusiasm through the preparation you put in. Usually when we put you forward for a job, we know that you really want to go for that job – you need to show that you’re very motivated and very interested, and willing to adapt to the needs of the company.”

After an interview, what should be your first move?

DOROTHY: “If the client gives you their business card with an email address, it would be courteous to send them a short email, thanking them for their time and telling them of your interest. You should also ring Dorothy Danahy SAS and give some feedback on the interview; whether you are interested in the job or not. If you are really hoping to pursue the opportunity, then we will convey that message to the client. It’s not a question of waiting – don’t wait too long to make your next move.”

What should you avoid doing during an interview?

DOROTHY: “Interrupting. You have to be a really good listener and know when it is your time to speak. You should to know exactly what is written on your CV – it’s not at all professional to be asked a question and must consult your CV when thinking of a response. Do not recite your CV - this is not a one-way conversation. ‘Yes’ and ‘no’ are very uninspiring answers – this is your opportunity to shine, so you should give a firm response with some explanation - be sure not to ramble though.”

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